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Turbocharge your business with our all-in-one, cloud accounting application for managing operations, accounting and finance functions. Powered by Frappe/ERPNext.


Simple Business Management
Application for SMBs

Connected Accounting

Connect workforce with Accounts and give visibility into all transactions via one-platform.

One Finance Dashboard

Super charge Finance with transactions dashboard, built-in workflows and audit trails.

API/Connected Banking

Streamline payments using integrated API and Connected Banking features.

Tally and QuickBooks

Migrate from QuickBooks and Tally to an all-in-one Connected Accounting application.

Cards and Spend Management

Digitise and manage spends and expenses through prepaid cards.

ONDC Network and Fintech Marketplace

Expand e-commerce through ONDC network and wider access to Fintech marketplace.

Migrate from QuickBooks in two instant steps.


Entries.ai offers much more than QuickBooks existing features. Upgrade to QuickBooks and enjoy the full range of offerings that will grow your business manifold.

What Can Entries.ai do for Tally Users?


Entries.ai two-way sync with Tally brings business operations and accounting on one platform. The Connected Accounting feature helps Tally users get more work done remotely.

Brands that trust and love Entries.ai

Why SMBs need a Unified Business Application?

Small and midsize businesses have traditionally used multiple point tools for different business functions. This means that there is no single place of truth or operational visibility. Accounting is managed by just another point tool that performs only accounting functions. These disjointed systems and manual processes have led to miscommunication, inaccurate data, delayed book closing and reporting, making the lives of finance teams much harder than they have to be.


Everything finance under one roof


Entries.ai for Top Management

  • Make business decisions better and faster with real time operational and financial metrics.
  • Plan and forecast your business model, cash flows, revenues and expenses in just a few clicks.
  • Entries.ai is your one place of business truth - gauge your finances on a single platform and maintain number integrity.
  • Keep up with statutory regulations and high-risk compliances and stay protected from liabilities resulting from non-compliance.
  • Scale your business and operations without having to switch to any new systems or application integrations.

Entries.ai for Accountants

  • Get rid of manual processes, approvals and tracking down different cost owners. Our automated workflows ensure your Finance team gets complete visibility on all transactions and their status.
  • Close your books on time and eliminate errors in data compilation. Complete your audits in a matter of days instead of months.
  • No more using spreadsheets for your financial reporting. Share financial, operational and other metrics in just a few clicks to all stakeholders concerned.
  • Speed up day-to-day accounting and payment processes with Entries.ai’s dedicated Accounting and Payment rooms.
  • Collaborate with different parties to manage Accounts receivable, Accounts payable and Cash flows on the same platform.

Entries.ai for Employees

  • Employees can access prepaid cards for corporate spends and get a digitized expense claim process in one place.
  • Send advance payment requests, expense claims, and track claim status in a unified personal dashboard.
  • Create and manage tasks, projects, and timesheets anytime and anywhere.
Smart Accountants

Smart accounting on the go!

  • Get rid of excessive spreadsheets and track all your financial records in one versatile platform.
  • Dump obsolete and facsimile data out of your logs and optimize your financial forecast.
  • Eliminate friction from credit-to-cash rhythm, optimize cash flows, score new opportunities and scale faster than ever.

Single tap finance automation

Work smarter and take-off your business faster with auto-invoicing and auto-billing features.

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