Why us

Why us

Powering SMEs of New India

Small and medium businesses are the growth engines of the Indian economy. The aspirations of a new India can be fulfilled only if SMEs become locally and globally competitive. For this, SMEs require access to the latest technology to compete on par with large enterprises that run on efficient business management systems.

Businesses using complex, multiple point tools and manual operations are estimated to lose nearly 80% of their time in fixing misinformation and miscalculation of financial data. Not to mention losses caused by delayed book closure and statutory non-compliances. Even legacy softwares such as Tally and QuickBooks are 'Accounting only solutions that do not solve all these problems.

The need of the hour is to upgrade to Entries.ai - an all-in-one, single sign-in, business application that can help SMEs manage their entire accounting, finance and operations. Its built-in workflows automate and connect Accounts with the workforce, vendors, customers and bank, providing real-time intelligence on every organisational transaction.

Entries.ai is built on the Frappe (ERPNext) framework and hosted on a secure AWS cloud. Its a do-it-yourself, affordable solution that isn’t manpower or time intensive to deploy. The additional Connected Banking, Fintech marketplace and ONDC network features even helps SMEs grow their business. Entries.ai is fast emerging as the trusted unified business application for leading brands and enterprises across the world.

Simplified Business Management Software for
Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Connected Accounting

Gain visibility and control of every stakeholder transaction throughout the transaction lifecycle by connecting Accounts with the entire workforce, customers, vendors and banks on a single platform. Its Connected Accounting feature with built-in workflows, automates and streamlines Procure to pay, Order to Cash, Spend Management and Accounting processes.

Gateway for Finance teams

Get real-time visibility and control over every transaction with one transaction dashboard that can be accessed by the in-house Finance or external accounting teams. Separate payment and accounting rooms for timely action on accounting and payments.

API/Connected Banking

Manage all banking transactions from one platform. Make payments to vendors and employees through Entries.ai Connected Banking app and streamline payment collections through our partner bank/s payment gateways.

Tally and QuickBooks migration

Migrate your QuickBooks and Tally data to Entries.ai in just a few steps. Entries.ai cloud application enables anywhere, anytime access to Accounting. The Entries.ai two-way sync with Tally helps companies retain their data and also automatically updates and reflects all Tally entries on the application. Additionally, Entries.ai connects the Accounts team with the entire operations workforce, vendors and customers on one single platform.

Cards and Spend Management

Help employees claim official expenses incurred out-of-pocket or by Entries.ai prepaid cards, swiftly and efficiently. Enable access to custom dashboard specifically designed for employees to help them track their spends, claims and reimbursements status easily.

ONDC Network and Fintech Marketplace

Widen marketplace network and access for selling your merchandise, products or services through Entries.ai ONDC integration feature. Browse the curated catalogue of products and services on Entries.ai Fintech marketplace and get more value for every cent you invest.

The Entries.ai Edge

  • Grow and scale without opting for multiple subscriptions and point tools to manage end-to-end business operations.
  • Upgrade to a unified business application that is with you always from the startup-growth-maturity to the exit stages.
  • Get real-time visibility and one place of truth for org-wide operations.
  • Connect Finance, Accounting and Operations on one single platform.
  • Automate without being manpower, time and cost-intensive to deploy.
  • Enjoy a richer UI experience and have fun while working.
  • Go beyond historical data management to integrating planning and forecasting into one application.
  • Prioritise business growth over micro-managing Finance and Operations.