The idea that inspired Entries.ai

The World Bank has projected India to be the fastest growing economy among the seven largest developing market economies of the world. Powering the India growth story is the world’s third largest startup ecosystem and small and medium businesses.

The Indian startup and SME growth engine is unmatched in its complexity, scale and diversity. Such is its potential that no single player can claim to be the only underlying software solution that powers the business operations of this ecosystem.

Entries.ai is proud to be a Made-in-India, unified business application that powers the business operations of India's growth engines besides several global enterprises. It's born of the intent that SMEs and startups deserve a one-point, self-service, affordable business application to automate and manage org-wide operations.

Entries.ai is built by visionary entrepreneurs who have successfully built startups and held senior leadership positions with various companies. It draws from their personal experience and deep understanding of SME pain points with existing legacy Accounting and ERP solutions.

Entries.ai aspires to leverage India’s growing digital infrastructure capabilities and provide SMEs with a powerful business application to turbocharge their growth. It works as a centralised, single sign-in, DIY platform to manage the entire finance, business and operations transactions of companies.

SMEs migrating from QuickBooks, Tally and Zoho who are looking for a unified business application can move to Entries.ai - the all-in-one application to manage end-to-end Accounting, Finance and Operations.

Our Values

Entries.ai strives to build technology that creates genuine and positive impact on how businesses operate. We aim to make intelligent and intuitive technology that is affordable and accessible to SMEs to boost their business productivity and efficiency. We seek to level the playing field for SMEs and startups with large enterprises who can afford to invest in deep technology and costly enterprise management softwares.

Improvements in core technology have not kept pace with the scale, complexity, diversity and realities of a fast evolving business landscape. The existing solutions in India are either too niche to solve for a wide range of SME problems or too costly to be viable.

Entries.ai wants to change that. We aspire to bring SMEs and startups on par with large companies that are run on powerful enterprise management systems. In short, we are proud to back the SMEs who are the backbone of the Indian economy.

Meet the Founders

Advisors & Investors

Shihab Muhammed
MD, Maple Engineering